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  • Selflessly Caring - He goes above and beyond to help anyone out.

  • Intelligent Techie - He built his own computer and pretty much is my in-home tech support for any issues that I come across!

  • Big Time Foodie - His parents passed down the love of cooking and appreciating unique yet delicious foods. 

  • Music, Podcast, and YouTube Video Fanatic - He always has something going on in the background and often learns new things this way. 

  • Dog Obsessed - He even worked at a doggy daycare in college!

  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy Enthusiast - Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Harry Potter - you name it - he's read and watched it.


  • Full-time remote marketing data strategist for a large healthcare company with a heavy emphasis
    on balance and mental health.

    • I spend most of my time in meetings socializing the value that data
      provides and developing creative solutions to complex issues.

    • You could say I'm a numbers and spreadsheets kind of guy.

Coffee Shop Work Session.jpg


  • Hunter lives a moderately active lifestyle and spends free time hiking, camping, listening to audio books, and playing games with his friends.

  • He has always been religious and is enjoying the change of pace that his Lakeville church has brought.

Hammock Camping on the Sucker River.jpg
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