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  • Passionately Determined - When she sets her mind on a goal, nothing is going to stop her.

  • Creative Individual - Kaila has more creativity in her pinky finger than I do in my entire body. She's always making something!

  • Huge Dog Lover - When she isn't making something in her studio, you can find her cuddling with our dogs. (They might love her more than me!)

  • Joyful Jammer - Dance party jams are a frequent occurrence at our house. Kaila greatly enjoys singing and dancing to her latest favorites.

  • Nature Enthusiast - Whether it's a walk through a park, a hike up a mountain, or enjoying a beautiful sunset, Kaila is often soaking up every bit of nature, and maybe even snapping a picture or two!


  • Full-time fully remote social media strategist for a midwestern telecommunications company with great work/home-life balance

  • Small business owner for handmade jewelry on the side as time allows 

    • Aqua Essence Co started in late August of 2021 as a passion project to grow in skill and fuel a creative passion for handcrafting jewelry.​

    • Since then, Kaila has grown her customer base and even had a few social media posts go viral. It's become a dream of hers to one day take this small business full-time.


  • Kaila lives a very active lifestyle and enjoys spending her free time walking the dogs, hiking with her husband, photographing nature, or jamming out to her favorite music.

  • She greatly values her relationship with Jesus and is very connected with her Lakeville church.

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